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We developed Nutstrip after realising there had to be a better way than drilling and tapping all the holes required to hold the parts of a robot together.

It consists of a square section 6061 Aluminium bar drilled and tapped through two axis. Now all that is required to join two panels together at right angles are a series of regularly spaced holes.

The strip comes in two foot lengths for the large and medium and one foot for the mini, all you have to do is cut a section as long as you require and screw the parts together.

The idea was used to hold all of the sections of the CS3 kit together and allows quick assembly and repair. The strips are tough and the screws will usually fail before the strip does.

Nutstrip is currently available in three sizes.

Medium - 3/8" Square bar with 10-24 tapped holes at 14.5mm spacing

Solidworks model       Igs     Weight 2.0oz / foot


Large - 1/2" square bar with 1/4-20 tapped holes at 3/4" spacing

Solidworks model        Igs      Weight 3.9oz / foot

Mini - 1/4" square bar with 6-32 tapped holes at 3/8" spacing

Solidworks model       Igs       Weight 0.8oz / foot


Micro - 3/16" square bar with 4-40 tapped holes at 1/4" spacing

Solidworks model       Iges    Weight 0.035oz per inch.

Nutstrip can be purchased from Kitbots

Mike Jeffries new Sportsman uses "Large" Nutstrip to hold the panels together.

Mike Jeffries article on Nutstrip from Servo magazine

Mike Jeffries article on his 12lb bot Apollyon which used Nutstrip. From Servo magazine

The chassis Team Radicus's new 30lb Sportsman class bot uses the large nutstrip to hold it together.

http://www.teamradicus.com/post/Solid-Progress-3- Weeks-to-Motorama-2012!.aspx


Micro Nutstrip

The latest addition to the nutstrip range