Weta 2

Weta Drum Beetle Kit.

Weta, God of Ugly Things, built using a Weta1 kit.

The Weta1 kit is based on our 3lb Drumbot Weta, God of ugly things.  You can read about its design and development here.

The chassis comes assembled as shown and consists of pattern routed 1/2" thick UHMW sides, Watercut 7075 Aluminum panels, watercut 1/8" UHMW wheel guards, atercut and machined 28mm Inrunner motor mount.

Sections of mini and standard nutstrip are used to make assembly and repairs easy.  Top and bottom panel are identical as the left and right side panels. #6 Plastite screws are used where it is necessary to attach directly to the UHMW. All combine to make a very strong and rigid chassis.      Weight as shown 1 lb 2.8oz (532g)

Weta, God of Ugly things has an relatively complex and expensive thresher bar with hardened steel bars. However Kitbots have developed a cheaper alternative that uses M10 Screws as teeth.  This comes complete with attached 30 tooth 3mm HTD Pulley, Ground titanium axle with threaded ends and retaining nuts and Needle roller  bearings. 

The teeth are easily replaced if damaged so you can always be ready for that next fight!

Weight as shown, 10oz  ( For reference the beater on the prototype is about 12oz)


Iges File

Article about Beater Bar    from Servo Magazine


Recommended Parts list      Now V1.2

The kit is designed to use the 1000rpm motors now available on Ebay.  The prototype originally used B16 Beetle motor but they were a liitle slow.  The 1000rpm motors need to be "battlehardened" to improve their reliability in combat.  These will be available shortly directly from kitbots and the process will be posted on this site so you could also do it yourself.

New faster B16s are possibly being made available and when they are a adapter ring will be made available from Kitbots to allow you to fit these motors if you wish.  Some minor modifications to the kit will be required.

Kitbots is constantly improving their kits in the light of combat experience and so your kit may vary slightly from that shown on this website.


Combat robots are NOT TOYS.  They should only ever be operated under adult supervision and in a properly constructed arena.  Serious injury or death may occur if incorrectly used.

Completed Weta Combat Bots

A couple of short videos showing testing of the assembled Bot.      Video 1        Video 2

Video of Weta winning the Rumble at Motorama 2011

Slow Motion video of Weta fighting "Mr Croup"

Weta kit "Devastating Moment" versus "Go Mental"

Just how tough a Weta kit is......takes the hits but keeps going.

Weta versus "Chobham"

A Weta Built in the spring of 2012. This ones used banebots wheels and a 28-45 3900kv weapon motor.

The TomZax, a radically modified Weta Kit.

A custom beater bar built for a customer.  Its a wider but shorter version of the Weta Beater with a 9.75" long axle.  It weighs 12.7 oz complete.