Weta 2

Weta 2

Recommended part list v1.0

CAD Model of Drum Assembly     IGS      STEP

Drawing of the Ti Horns

I built the first Weta back in 2010 and since then it and other Wetas have competed across the US and in the United Kingdom.  My "Weta, God of Ugly things" won several competitions but the most successful one so far is probably "Mondo Bizarro" which won at Motorama first time out and went on to win every event it competed in for the next year.

Mondo Bizarro

Recently however the rise of new horizontal spinners like "Slim Margins" and "Silent spring" with their thin slicing blades made the UHMW side walls very vulnerable to damage and it seemed time for a new improved Weta.

Silent  Spring

I had been very happy with the design of the "motor in the drum" design of my antweight "Saifu 2" so decided to use that technology scaled up for a beetleweight.  This allowed a more compact design and a much heavier drum.

The motor used is a modified 35-36 1400kv outrunner.

The chassis is a similar design to that of the original but with 1/8" Titanium "horns" at the front. I got the idea for these from Mike Jefferys antweight "Klazo".  The Ti should be thick enough to resist most blades are is easily replaced if damaged.

The Drum is machined from 7075 Aluminium and spins on tough needle roller bearings.

The Shaft is 3/8" Titanium.....tougher than the 5/16" used on the original.

I used the Drum in a modified original Weta chassis at the 2016 "Clash of the Bots" event, where it took third after the old battery failed and took the weapon speed control with it.  It had the biggest hit of the event in a fight with BOB.    Weta v BOB, Clash of the bots 2016

Building up the first complete Weta 2 i found weight was tight so I switched to a Gorolite top panel (which has the advantage of coming in lots of bright colors). Whilst not as tough as the originals Aluminum it should prove sufficient. The weight saved allowed for a 1300mAH battery (up from the originals 850mAH) to give longer run time/less strain on the Battery.


Space is a little tight inside but workable .....you need to use small RX and keep wiring neat. The Bot uses the same Kitbots 1000rpm beetlemotors used in the original. These give good a combination of power and speed.

Basic Chassis-Drum as delivered - Color may vary. If you wish a specific color for the top panel send email to kitbots@nc.rr.com